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Web Design Services

Custom-Designed Sites

We custom-design the site according to your specific requirements and best practices.

Very Flexible

We create one design that works for all devices, saving time in the both the building and maintenance phases of the project.

One Stop Shop

We can handle all phases of the project inhouse, including database integration and animation.

About Us

PixelHappy.Net is a web design and development company in Orange County, California, specializing in web solutions for small businesses, professional offices, and law firms.

PixelHappy.Net is mindful of the needs of small businesses and will create a solution that fits your needs and budget, whether a small template-based site, or a custom-designed large site with custom graphics, image maps, Flash and design. This is a one-stop shop that provides everything you need to get your website up and running, including design, coding, database development and integration, e-commerce, search engine optimization and content development.


These are some examples of websites, user experience design projects and Flash. The creative projects were undertaken strictly for fun and to demonstrate additional skills. New samples will be coming soon.

Mandarin Fine Art Gallery

Original design for a contemporary Chinese art gallery. It is currently in WordPress. We are planning to redesign it soon.

Corporate Records Program

Site for a law firm specializing in corporate records.

Amazon Concepts

Site for a distributor of bulk Acai.

MFA Modern Art Gallery

This was an ultra-modern site for Mandarin Fine Art Gallery.

Marc Entertainment

Website for an independent film writer/director/producer.

Party Pacs

E-commerce website for party decorations.

Landing page for a department store

Landing page for a mock department store, created along with a Flash banner ad.

Flash banner ad for a department store

Flash banner ad for a mock department store, created along with a landing page. Interactive version coming soon.

Touch-screen version of Lexis® for prisons

Redesign of touch-screen version of Lexis® legal research application for correctional institutions.

Lexis® for Microsoft Office® Overview

Redesign of Lexis® for Microsoft Office® a legal research program available via Microsoft Office®.

Lexis® for Microsoft Office® Check Cite Format

This powerful cite-checking tool was redesigned from the ground up, based on testing and an entirely new program logic.

Lexis® for Microsoft Office® Table of Authorities

This powerful Table of Authorities tool was redesigned to complement the new program logic.

Shepard's® Report

This report was redesigned to fit a new look and feel.

Shepard's® in document

This is a new Shepard‘s® citation feature--a mini-report in a document.

Axure prototype for a streaming music app

This is a project strictly for fun. I am improving my favorite, albeit frustrating, streaming music app. Interactive prototype coming soon.

Flash for a real estate development

This is a project for a mock real estate development. Interactive Flash coming soon.

Landing page for a financial institution

This is the landing page for a sample banner ad/landing page project.